Angels for Animals Transport Angels for Animals Transport Pearl This is Pearl. She is the mother of four puppy's turned over to the Great Plains Angels for Animals Rescue to find good homes. She along with her pups will be transported to a Colorado rescue where good homes are waiting for them. 196027328 Puppy 1 196027329 Puppy 2 196027330 Puppy 3 196027331 Puppy 4 196027332 Tiki Tiki was brought in to the shelter as a stray. GPAA Rescued him and now he is headed to his new home. 196027333 Wendy Wendy is another dog the GPAA has rescued and now she is going to a good home. 196027334 202999183 202999184 202999185 202999186 202999187 202999188 202999189 202999190 202999191 202999192 202999193 202999194