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 You can be Angel by donating to Great Plain's Angels for Animals.

We are an animal rescue group that saves dogs and cats from the local shelters in the Southwest Kansas and Northwest Oklahoma area. We place a hold on dogs that were not claimed by owners or adopted and transport the dogs to Colorado where with the help of our great friend Lynn Gartland who finds no-kill rescues/fosters for these animals until a forever home is found.

We do receive a small amount of funding through the City of Liberal every year. We also host a couple fundraisers to help with the costs of transporting the dogs every year.

Unfortunately  the veterinary costs for rabies and health certificates that are needed for transports have gone up. The cost of fuel and maintenance of the vehicle we use for the transports is another major expense for us. We make between one and two trips a month transporting no less than 15-20 dogs/cats in each transport. 

To continue making these transports possible and continue saving dogs/cats from euthanasia we need  donations.  Without your help we will not be able to continue our mission and save lives.

Great Plains Angels for Animals is a 501c3 which is means all donations are tax deductible. Rest assure that all donations go towards the expense of  saving the animals, so be an Angel for Animals today by donating.

Thank you for your support!

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