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July 7, 2016 TRANSPORT

Posted on July 7, 2016 at 4:25 PM

Today, we tranported twenty-two dogs to Colorado where they were blessed to given a second chance.  Rescues, Shelters, and Fosters in Colorado will take care of these precious souls until a forever home can be found.  We can not thank these folks enough for what they do.  Thanks to Rangely Animal Shelter, Animal House Rescue, Farfel's Rescue, Paws on the Ground Rescue, Chihuahua and Small Dog Rescue, Paws Co Rescue, Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue, Out Paws Rescue, Lynn Gartland for helping with placement, and Steve Leete for driving the transport van.

Please VOLUNTEER your time, to be a foster; DONATE money, time, items (sheets, towels, blankets, food (wet and dry), collars, leashes. 

ADOPT A PET, don't shop for a PET. 

Remember to SPAY/NEUTER your friend...not only does it help to prevent unwanted pets but improves your pets health and prolongs their life

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