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Posted on December 3, 2013 at 10:40 AM

National Spay Alliance Foundation spay/neuter clinic is planning to be here in February or March of 2015 to perform spay/neuters for very reduced fees.  Female dogs under 50 lbs will be $55, over 50 lbs $65.  Male dogs under 50 lbs will be $45, over 50 lbs $55.  Female cats $40, males $35.  If animals are pregnant, in heat, or have an undescended testicle there will be an extra charge.  They also offer (with a spay,neuter) vaccinations, heartworm testing and meds, nail trimming, microchipping, and deworming for small fees. 

There try to hold a walk-in vaccinnation clinic sometime during their time here.

They have been here three times now and we were are impressed with their mobile unit, their staff, their organization, and their skills! 

This clinic is for those who cannot afford to have their animals spayed/neutered at their local vet.  It is also a chance for those of us who feed strays to have them spay/neutered when we would not otherwise not be able to afford to have it done. 

Our intent is not to take business away from our local vets!  We support them and advocate taking your animals in for vaccinations and annual exams as well as spay/neutering. 

We will update this when we set a date.

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